Behind The Mirror


Behind The Mirror is the first edition of three .This book will uplift, inspire and empower your way of thinking.

This book is about 26 journeys of women from every walk of life sharing their journeys with you today. This book will hopefully help others overcome some obstacles in their life. These women are your ordinary next door neighbor, but extraordinary journeys to share with you. Each one of these ladies have been a tremendous support system throughout my life and I believe it has the potential to help each person that decides to purchase the book.


This is the first edition and I'm giving the opportunity for you to be featured in the third edition by sharing your journey. More details will be listed in the book. Everyone has a journey to share and it's easy to learn from each other.


Thank you for purchasing this book. There will be a percentage of sales that will go to a few non profit organizations to help with mental health and abuse.